Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket
Softshell Jacket
Product description
The term SoftShell refers to fabrics with a multi-layer construction, the outer layer of which is similar to nylon, and the back layer is like fleece. Modern technologies make it possible to give the fabric optimal performance characteristics during the production process. In fact, one layer of such clothing replaces multi-layer equipment. It is able to: maintain air ventilation; timely remove moisture; keep warm; protect from wind, snow and rain. Softshell jackets are lightweight and small in volume, which allows you to maintain activity and comfort in difficult climatic conditions. Modern synthetic fibers are used in the manufacture of the material ( polyester, polyamide, polyurethane, lycra). Its basis is a soft fabric that can retain heat and pass moisture. During production, it is covered with a durable front layer that protects against external influences. If necessary, a breathable membrane composition is placed between the outer and inner layers. The underside is soft thanks to the fine-fibred micro-lint, which keeps you dry even under intense physical exertion.
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