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Men's Slippers Ukraine, Gretska 3
Ukraine, Gretska 3

Enterprise LLC Belsta

Founded June 30, 2005. Since 2006, under a license agreement, the factory has received permission to use the Turkish ESPA trademark. The commissioning of production and the release of the first products began in January 2007 already under its own trademark.
With 12 plots, the number of workers is about 1200 people:

  • Polyurethane sole casting site
  • Section for cutting and cutting down shoe parts
  • Embroidery area
  • Sewing sites
  • Assembly sites

Each site is equipped with modern equipment, sanitary facilities meet the requirements of SNiP.

The basic principles of work:

  • Long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions.
  • A wide range of home, summer and winter shoes.
  • Product prices correspond to the cost of shoes.
  • Products meet all the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological standards.
  • Guaranteed fulfillment of the order for the supply of products as soon as possible.


Domestic footwear - 8 years

Summer shoes - 6 years old

Winter shoes - 4 years

Clothing - 2 years


For the production of shoes, materials and raw materials that are approved for these purposes in accordance with the requirements of GOST are used.

  • Based on PVC, raw materials produced in Poland, Turkey, and Korea are used.
  • Based on Polyurethane - raw materials from Italy, Turkey

Each batch of raw materials is accompanied by a quality certificate.

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