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Eggs of the grain moth (sitatrog) SITATROGA !!!

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UNIVERSAL FOOD FOR ENTOMOPHAGES Grain moth eggs (Sitotroga cerealella) are a natural substitute for food for the mass breeding, accumulation and support of the population of predatory entomophagous populations (lacewing, cyclone, macrolephus, dicipus, orius, anthocoris). It has been established that at the time of absence or during the period of weak settling of plants by pests, the dispersal of eggs of a grain moth contributes to the preservation of the entomophage population and a significant increase in its number (3-4 times or more). The use of grain moth eggs as food does not change the basic biological parameters of entomophages over many generations. The reverse transition to nutrition by the natural host occurs without complication and even with the improvement of the biological parameters of the predator (increase in fertility by two or more times), therefore, eggs can be successfully used to maintain the entomophage population until pests appear in greenhouses and greenhouses, as well as for their mass breeding in biological laboratories.
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