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Milk Products, Flour & Grains, Sunflower oil Kazakhstan, г.Алматы, Алатауский р-н, мкр. Теректи, ул. Курылыс, д. 9
Kazakhstan, г.Алматы, Алатауский р-н, мкр. Теректи, ул. Курылыс, д. 9

As the name implies, our company produces environmentally friendly oils. Our oils are produced by direct cold pressing. The name of the method reflects the fact that the temperature of raw materials and oil at all stages of production does not exceed 55 degrees Celsius, which allows us to preserve the useful substances of the original seeds in oil, making our oil “alive.” Historically, cold pressing was the only way to get oils, which means Their well-known and proven healing and strengthening properties are characteristic only for this technology. Chemical and thermal methods of production used in modern industry make oil cheaper, but lead to the loss of their beneficial properties. The oil factory is located in Kazakhstan, in the Almaty region. The basis of production is a unique proprietary oil press protected by patent N22434 of 02.25.2010. A feature of the press is a higher yield of oils from the feedstock, which increases our competitiveness. We purchase raw materials in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and carry out rigorous quality control in independent laboratories. In parallel, we conduct breeding studies to adapt a number of crops to cultivation in Kazakhstan. Currently, we have completed the three-year process of zoning and localization of black caraway seeds in the conditions of Zailiysky Alatau and plan to soon begin to grow it on an industrial scale. Thus, we create our own raw material base, but do not stop searching for high-quality raw materials from other regions. We are also working on expanding our product line. To the existing oils of black cumin, sesame, peanut, pumpkin, flaxseed, grape seed, walnut, sunflower, we plan to add sea buckthorn oil, rosehip seeds, almond. Due to the fact that Bonn Oils contain natural beneficial substances in a balanced composition and can be used both as food and as external healing, massage and cosmetic products, for the convenience of consumers, we are constantly working on new packages. We are confident in the quality of our products and intend to export oils to the markets of near and far abroad. Our oils are registered throughout the Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus).

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