Assorted salting
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Assorted pickling from time immemorial has been considered one of the main dishes both on the festive and on the everyday table. Botlikh Fruit Canning Factory offers only the most delicious products , which are made only from the freshest selected vegetables grown in ecologically clean conditions. In addition, the technology of preparation of assorted vegetables for the winter implies the use of only the purest spring water. The recipe by which assorted pickles is produced makes it possible to preserve not only the taste, but also the attractive appearance of the vegetables that make up it. Thanks to this, any table can always be decorated with a dish that attracts the eyes of eaters, which one just wants to taste. It is worth noting that assorted pickling is practically no different from the usual mother's or grandmother's homemade preparations, but it has its own flavor, which makes it even more attractive and desirable. Plus, the assortment of pickles is much more interesting than the traditional pickled cucumbers and tomatoes as it will effectively decorate and complement any main course. By the way, given modern digital capabilities, today you can easily share with your friends the pictures of the resulting assorted pickles . Photo can be successfully posted on your social media page or just shown to friends during your home holiday. Seriously speaking, assorted pickles was and remains an irreplaceable dish on the table - delicious and effective.
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Assorted salting - 2901

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«Ботлихский фруктово-консервный завод»
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