Hard Lapel pins or Enamal pins
Hard Lapel pins or Enamal pins
Hard Lapel pins or Enamal pins
Hard Lapel pins or Enamal pins
Product description
Soft enamel pins (also known as 'embossed enamel pins') are low-cost and top quality die struck pins with raised metal and recessed enamel, which is filled in enamel color by hand. Custom soft enamel pins are popular choices for an array of occasions, from corporate identity and destination souvenirs to employee recognition and team trading pins. Hard enamel pins, sometimes called epola pins, imitation cloisonne pins or die struck pins with hard enamel, is a kind of craftwork for the lapel pins. Hard enamel pins are best high-quality enamel pins, have a durable and long-lasting appearance. Custom hard enamel pins are the second-class custom category pins in our company.  It can perfectly display any logo or design and enhance customers' favor with your brand.
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Hard Lapel pins or Enamal pins - 71228

USD 1.0 - 5.0 USD

Minimum order: 50 pcs

Supply ability: 100000 pcs/per month

Changde Haibeiji Gifts Co., Ltd.
Not verified supplier
Changde, China
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