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Hello, complete price list DESIGN AND DISPLAY How to create a highly intelligent device, the body and display of which form a single whole? Apple raised this question to itself during the development of the very first iPhone. With the iPhone X, it was solved again. The all-new 5.8-inch Super Retina display that sits comfortably in your hand and looks amazing is iPhone X. The display and elegantly rounded corners are integrated even better - thanks to several unique technologies. The innovative OLED panel fills the screen to the brim with chip tiers and a new approach to controller layout. Pixels in the corners of the display are anti-aliased at the sub-pixel level, so the edges are smooth and smooth. OLED FOR IPHONE X This is the first OLED display to meet the iPhone's highest standards: incredibly vivid colors are displayed with astonishing accuracy, blacks look natural, and contrast ratios up to 1,000,000: 1. UNRIVALED COLOR ACCURACY The Super Retina HD display uses advanced color management — better than any previous iPhone. Therefore, content in any color format (P3, sRGB) is automatically displayed on the iPhone X display correctly, and you see exactly the color that was intended by the director or designer. TRUE TONE True Tone technology uses a six-channel ambient light sensor to fine-tune the on-screen white balance to match the color temperature of the lighting. The display looks as if it were printed on paper - natural and comfortable for the eyes. HDR The iPhone X display supports HDR (High Dynamic Range). Now you can watch movies, TV programs and series in Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats. Your HDR photos will look even better on screen. Plus, you'll be able to watch HDR content from iTunes, Netflix, and more. NEW CASE iPhone X has an all-glass front and back. This durable glass has never been seen on any Apple device: its reinforcing layer is 50% thicker. The color is applied to the panel in seven layers - this allows you to achieve the desired density and the correct shade, and thanks to the reflective optical layer, the color looks even richer. Plus, the oleophobic coating makes it easy to get rid of smudges and fingerprints. WIRELESS CHARGING Apple has always wanted to make the iPhone fully wireless, even when it needs to be charged or connected to headphones. The iPhone X with a glass back and wireless charging comes close to that ideal - ready for a wireless future. SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL The steel frame around the iPhone X case reinforces its structure. For her, Apple has developed a special stainless steel alloy - cleaner, stronger and more beautiful. And the space gray model uses a vacuum deposition process to match the color of the frame to the glass on the back. IPhone X is designed down to the last detail to keep it water, splash and dust resistant.
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