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Promotion !!!! Hortensia Annabelle in p9 - at a price of 40 rubles !!!

(for orders over 1000 pcs - 35 rubles!)

We offer the following seedlings p9 at a price of 50 rubles:

Juniper Mint Julep 300pcs
Juniper Gray Oul 500pcs
Tuya Smaragd 3000pcs (ready - June 2018)
Tuya Erikoides 1000pcs

Tuya Hoseri 300pcs

Tuya Teddy 200pcs

Tuya Danica 200pcs
Billard's Spirea 200pcs

Spirea Snowmound 200pcs
Iva Hakuro-Nishiki 200pcs

Pea cypress Bulevar 400pcs (ready - June 2018)

Pea cypress Skvarosa nana 300pcs

Pea cypress Nana 300pcs

Delivery TC , self-pickup

For all questions, contact tel. 89155087422 , Varya

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