Dollhouse "Veronica" without painting
Dollhouse "Veronica" without painting
Dollhouse "Veronica" without painting
Dollhouse "Veronica" without painting
Product description
The dollhouse "Veronica" (without painting) is designed for games for children from 3 years old. It is made from quality certified materials that meet the stringent requirements for the production of toys for children. The height of the floors in the house is 32 cm, which allows the girls to play comfortably with their favorite barbie dolls. With the help of such a house, each girl will create her own doll fairy tale, coloring the house at her discretion. Huge space for play and fantasy. The house and furniture can become pale pink or sky blue, or they can combine all the colors of the rainbow! And it also makes them very close, because mom and dad are interested in helping to paint and decorate the wonderful house. Wallpaper, furniture, ladders and lighting are not included Material: MDF 10 Size: length: 60 cm, width: 30 cm, height: 105 cm Weight: 14KG
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Dollhouse "Veronica" without painting - 62360

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