Костюм для девочки
Костюм для девочки
Костюм для девочки
Product description
Very comfortable costume for girls. Consists of a sweatshirt and trousers. It is made of a soft, silky, knitted fabric that does not form spools and does not fade if properly maintained according to the instructions on the label. Sweatshirt cut raglan, with decorative ruffles, the edges of which are processed. The back is 4 cm longer than the front. Sleeves with elastic cuffs. Trousers made narrower with cuffs. Pockets at the side seams. In the belt there is a wide elastic band and a lace made of cotton to adjust the volume at the waist. Growth 110-28.
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Костюм для девочки - 47302

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Children's clothing (for girls)
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Симферополь, Russia
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