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Seafood, Seasonings & Condiments, Olive Oil Spain, C/JUAN AJURIAGUERRA, 9 - 4

A non-franchise deli is based on the idea of a Spanish-style store rolled out internationally, allowing customers to purchase various Spanish products at the best prices in their country. Based on a flexible design that is suitable for a wide range of rooms, the non-deli deli offers a “touch of Spain” anywhere in the world.

Concepts Not Grocery Store

No Grocery Store franchise format ™ provides the best investment opportunity in the Spanish food business. High sales turnover and fast return on investment.

A selection of over 600 authentic Made in Spain products that have been carefully selected for you by our experts. Our catalog includes the best wines, cold cuts, cheeses, olive oil and the most representative products of each Spanish region. Presented in an elegant and comfortable space, they are designed to suggest that you are shopping at a typical Spanish store.

The unfinished business solution ™ deli delivers layout, shop, furniture, customization and training.

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