Grain humilent.
Product description
Environmentally friendly growth regulator, concentrated universal fertilizer. Complex feeding and eco-growth stimulator for all types of grain crops during pre-sowing treatment and foliar feeding: Strengthens the immunity of plants; Increases productivity (10-15%), resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases; Increases the absorption of nutrients from the soil; Compensates for the lack of trace elements; Provides shoots resistance to low and high temperatures. Liquid Gumilent-Cereals can be combined with any pesticides and mineral fertilizers, and its use in tank mixtures improves the effect of chemicals, and also relieves the stress of the treated crop. More details:
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Grain humilent. - 64500

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10.0 USD/pcs 10.0 USD

Minimum order: 500 L

Supply ability: 1000 L/per month

Eco Brand Ukraine
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