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Sandals for women, Women's long boots, Men's Slippers, Men's long boots, Kids' sandals, Children's Shoes, Kids' boots Russia, ул. 25 Лет Октября, дом 8

We manufacture shoes on the Italian line from the EVA (EVA) material (this is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate), the properties of this material give our products lightness (weight of galoshes 42 sizes is only 190 grams), elasticity, wear resistance, frost resistance. Keeps heat and elasticity to -45C depending on the quality of raw materials used in the production.

We strive to create the most stylish, functional and comfortable shoes. Buying our shoes: you will look better, be able to stay in the cold longer and your legs will be less tired.

Advantages of EVA products from "Eva plus":

  • quality raw materials EVA (EVA)
  • lungs
  • warm
  • comfortable
  • elastic in the cold
  • don't burst
  • don't slip on ice
  • without smell
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