Polyethylene fabric sleeves in large sizes wholesale
Product description
Price (FCA): 1200$/ton.Sleeve width: from 85 to 120cm.Minimum order quantity: 20 tons.Payment terms: US dollar, euro.Product color: on request.The product is certified. The offered products are fully consistent with high international quality. Export - wholesale import of quality goods from Turkmenistan from all over the world Delivery with all modes of transport (INCOTERMS 2010 EXW, FCA, FOB, CIP, CIF.) Customs clearance of goods free of charge: 100%
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Polyethylene fabric sleeves in large sizes wholesale - 74652

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1200.0 USD/pcs 1200.0 USD

Minimum order: 20 Ton

Supply ability: 100 Ton/per month

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