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Meat, Ready-to-cook, Seafood, Milk Products, Flour & Grains, Canned Fruit & Vegetables, Mushrooms and truffles, Sunflower oil, Grains, Poultry products and services Kyrgyzstan, Street yunisalieva86
Kyrgyzstan, Street yunisalieva86


  • Rich assortment. Tens of thousands of products are available to you: dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and meat, as well as pet products and much more. All in one place! Quality control. Direct contracts with leading manufacturers and suppliers, a strict quality control system at the stage of acceptance, storage and transportation are the key conditions due to which you receive only high-quality products. 24 hour delivery. Our couriers work 24/7, so food delivery to your home in Bishkek and the region is carried out around the clock and even on holidays. And delivery intervals are reduced to only 2 hours! Saving. Regular promotions and sales can significantly save your budget, and when ordering products delivered to the country in the Chui region, you will save money on gasoline, saving your time and nerves for more important and really necessary things! Service for corporate clients. Service for corporate clients. Want to provide products to your beloved employees on the job? Round-the-clock delivery of products to the office will allow you to solve this problem easily. Bank transfer, an individual approach and a convenient personal account - all to make your purchases even more enjoyable!
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