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Stationery and school supplies Russia, ул. Навагинская, 16

PHOTOBOOK specialized company for the production of photo books.

Photobooks of our company are made only on our own modern Italian equipment using exclusively professional original materials using special technology of consistent hot and cold pressing, which ensures excellent quality and durability of the photobook.

U-turns of the photo book are carried out at the Noritzu photo lab on Fuji photo paper: glossy, matte, silk, metallic.

All photo books are collected manually. U-turns of the photo book are rolled onto thick cardboard and formed into a book block. The density of the finished pages of the photo book is from 740 g / m2 or more. Solid and dense pages of the photo book give it reliability, solidity and durability.

For additional protection of photo books, we offer lamination of spreads of photo books. This will protect them from moisture, dust and minor scratches.

Protective lamination also gives extra density to the pages of the photobook and makes them more resistant to possibly changing storage conditions of the photobook.

On an individual project, we produce photo books of any format.

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