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Refrigeration Equipments Russia, ул. Осташковская

The company has been in the equipment market for more than 20 years, the main focus of the Freegodizain group of companies is the design, manufacture and supply of industrial energy-efficient refrigeration equipment.

Industrial refrigeration units are manufactured according to the technical specifications of the customer. Installation and commissioning.

The use of energy-saving options in the design allows for large annual savings and short payback periods for refrigeration equipment.

Production is located in the Moscow region, but delivery is carried out in all regions of Russia.

  • Refrigeration equipment for freezers
  • Refrigeration equipment for shock freezing chambers
  • Refrigeration equipment for sausage drying chambers
  • Refrigeration equipment for banana ripening chambers
  • Refrigeration equipment for food industry enterprises
  • Confectionery refrigeration equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment for meat processing plants
  • Refrigeration equipment for freeze-drying chambers
  • Ice rink refrigeration units
  • Equipment for quick freezing chambers
  • Climate chambers
  • Central refrigeration systems
  • Refrigeration units
  • Refrigeration units
  • Chillers
  • Refrigeration stations
  • Refrigeration Central
  • Chillers
  • Heat pumps
  • Water chillers
  • Low temperature refrigeration equipment
  • Cascading Refrigeration Stations
  • Ultra Low Temperature Chillers
  • Ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems
  • Freezing units
  • Multi-compressor refrigeration units
  • Supercompact refrigeration units
  • Supercompact refrigeration stations
  • Compound refrigeration units
  • Satellite Refrigeration Central
  • Compound Refrigeration Stations
  • Satellite Refrigeration Stations
  • Refrigeration central multi-compressor stations
  • Pump units for refrigeration systems
  • Hydraulic modules for cold supply systems
  • Air conditioning refrigeration
  • Industrial heat exchange equipment

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