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Shoe cardboard. Shoe cardboard FG-Flex

Furnitur-BY LLC
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FG-Flex (furnitur-group) is a line of insole materials on a nonwoven basis, which is a truly revolutionary product developed with the participation of the leading laboratory of FBU "Rostest-Moscow". FG-Flex (furnitur-group) is a registered trademark.

FG-Flex (furnitur-group) - designed for the manufacture of basic and insoles for various fastening methods in the shoe industry. The material has also been successfully used as various inserts in the leather goods industry (reinforcing the sides of bags, backpacks, suitcases, etc.).

This material is made of fibrous mass (non-woven base) impregnated with latex polymer. FG-Flex (furnitur-group) has high strength and water repellency characteristics. It is able to return to its original shape after drying and is a quality alternative to cellulosic board.

Excellent quality and low price makes FG-Flex (furnitur-group) the best offer on the shoe board market.

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