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Shoe cardboard. Shoe cardboard MERCKENS

Furnitur-BY LLC
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MERCKENS - belongs to the group of high stiffness shoeboards (CSH) made in Austria.

MERCKENS CJM 188 is a standard, economical, environmentally friendly material 100% made from recycled paper. It is used for low-heeled insole knots in men's and women's shoes.
Merckens CJM 888 is a high-quality cardboard for high-heel knots in women's shoes and insole knots for high-quality men's shoes.
The CJM 158 and CJM 120 are also available for extra tall insole units.

Furnitur-VU LLC is the official trade partner of MERCKENS.

Shoeboard thickness:
1.0mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm

Sheet size:
1040mm x 1560mm

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