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Supporting materials. Foil for embossing on nubuck and smooth leather

Furnitur-BY LLC
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For marking products in the leather and footwear industry, various types of foils are widely used, which are subdivided depending on the method of applying it to the product: foil for hot stamping, foil for cold stamping.
Foil for hot stamping is applied to the surface of the product using a stamp heated to a certain temperature, which melts the hot-melt layer and, due to the pressure of the stamp, transfers the image from the stamp to the product.
The cold stamping foil is available in the same color range as the hot stamping foil. This foil can be used to cold emboss materials that cannot withstand heat. However, it is not possible to cold emboss highly absorbent materials.

Furnitur-VU LLC is the first supplier of foil for hot and cold stamping of the German company LEONARD KURZ. Constantly maintained warehouse balances and unsurpassed product quality make our offer the best on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

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