Combed yarn 40/1 Knitted stitch
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One of the most widespread natural cotton-based materials in everyday life is the smooth surface. In another way, it is called a kulirka, let's talk about what it is below. Despite the new name, this fabric is very common, especially in children's clothing. Every mother will definitely have caps, undershirts or sliders from her. As you can see, since children prefer this material, it means that it really has a number of unique properties. Let's find out what a waiter fabric is. Advantages and disadvantages of the coulter surface The coulter surface is made on the basis of cotton fiber, which means that it is hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, smooth, stretches well in width, little wrinkles. Due to the special type of production, there are a variety of colorful colors, which allows you to sew from it a wide variety of children's clothing, including for newborns, adult underwear, nighties, T-shirts, T-shirts, light robes, summer dresses. Kulirka is the thinnest fabric that is made of cotton; this is what distinguishes it from other fabrics based on cotton, for example, from interlock, which is noticeably thicker. Thanks to this, it is indispensable in the heat, as well as as underwear, an interlayer for sweaters, jackets, etc. The density of its fabric is only from 125 to 140 grams. Its only drawback, which is precisely related to its naturalness, is that many things shrink after washing. This is important to know when buying outfits for toddlers. Take it one size up so you can wear it and not put it on the shelf after the first wash.
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