30/1 Ribana Combed Spandex
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Spandex (elastane) is the general name for many types of polyurethane elastic threads, highly elastic rubbery fibers. The most common spandex-based fabrics are named: Lycra (Lycra material is described here), Vyrin, Neolan, Lubell, Acelan, Opelon, Supplex (you can see a photo of supplex here). The original purpose of spandex was planned as an analogue of rubber, a synthetic substitute for rubber. High strength characteristics and the ability to quickly return to its original state after deformation - all this led to a wider popularization of spandex in a wide variety of industries, and especially in light industry in the production of a variety of materials.
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30/1 Ribana Combed Spandex - 19445

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