Джованни Фабиани

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Sandals for women, Women's Shoes, Women's long boots Italy, Via dell'Industria 50


The history of the Giovanni Fabiani brand began in 1970 with the advent of the first Fabiani brand collection on the Italian market.

Thanks to his professional skills and managerial acumen, Giovanni Fabiani, as an entrepreneur, has been implementing his business project for 45 years, which meets the highest Italian quality standards and the latest achievements in industrial production.

Today it is the Giovanni Fabiani brand that embodies the best achievements of a shoe factory with an area of 5000 m2 and a staff of 130 people, occupying a worthy place in the international market for luxury shoes.

Participation in the most important exhibitions and presence on the best windshields: Russia, Italy, America and Asian countries, proves that at the moment Giovanni Fabiani is a synonym for quality, style, use of high technology and culture.


The experience and craftsmanship of craft shoe makers, the art of making Italian shoes today, have been transferred to industrial production: from creating a sketch of a model to the last production process. Thus, exquisite creations are born, saturated with details: decorative elements and hand-embroidered designs.

Attention to detail and the use of modern technology, as well as the strictest quality control of the skin and all materials used, at all stages of production, are necessary to create a high-quality product.


A sophisticated, romantic, sophisticated and at the same time courageous woman - this is how Giovanni Fabiani sees a woman. Dynamic, modern, in a constant search for a sense of beauty, which is beyond the most daring fashion trends, and therefore with its own style.

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