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Alternative energy sources, Batteries, Generators, Industrial Rechargeable Batteries, Power Supplies, Stabilizers, Transformers Georgia, 37 Chavchavadze ave
Georgia, 37 Chavchavadze ave

Global Energy Company

Global Energy has been a leading company in the Georgian market since 2002 and represents high-quality and innovative technologies and systems for power generation on diesel, gasoline, gas engines, cogeneration systems, hybrid systems and power distribution and communication systems.

In addition, construction materials, technologies and equipment, as well as the line for the garden and parks, innovative technologies for swimming pools, saunas, sanitary equipment, tents and tents, fireplaces, mechanical and electric tools.

The main directions are everything for business, energy and industry, home and garden, lighting systems, micro-climatic systems, construction equipment and materials on the market.

We cooperate with world leading manufacturers of high quality and reliability, as well as the introduction of systems for commercial, residential, industrial, industrial and private homes or line projects.

We are proud of our partners, brands, customers, experience and the fact that the beginning of entrepreneurial activity, from 2002 until today, has never had any technical problems for products sold and dissatisfied customers.

Our highly qualified technical staff provides a high level of technical service and warranty periods. Technical managers have specialized engineering knowledge and skills, and also undergo training for each new brand and technological innovations, which in itself provides reliable and high quality services!

Please read the following pages of our partner suppliers and customers in their appeal to the energy sector ...

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