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Синтепон термоскрепленный и термоскрепленный силиконизированный

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The synthetic winterizer is a lightweight, voluminous, elastic non-woven synthetic material with good heat-shielding, operational properties and an optimal ratio of price and quality. Sintepon is a classic material used in the furniture industry as a soft layer between the upholstery fabric and the main forming element. With it, the furniture acquires a beautiful appearance, magnificent forms and maximum comfort. The synthetic winterizer is actively used in light industry for tailoring outerwear, tracksuits and overalls; sleeping bags and other camping equipment; quilted mattresses, blankets, bedspreads and pillows. It is also used in shoe production, in construction as a heater and in everyday life as a filter material. GREENSTEP / offers you a three-dimensional non-woven fabric - synthetic winterizer in the range: thermally bonded and thermally bonded silicone. The synthetic winterizer manufactured by GREENSTEP / has many advantages: 1. The synthetic winterizer is manufactured on high-tech equipment of European quality, and strict quality control of products is carried out. 2. At the request of the customer non-woven material - synthetic winterizer can be thermally processed from one or two sides, ie calendaring, which gives an additional advantage - there is no fiber migration, no additional materials are required. In the end, this reduces costs and simplifies the manufacturing process of the product. the synthetic winterizer is made of polyester fiber according to: TU U 13.1-34390768-001: 2013. Conclusion of SES No. 05.03.02-04 / 22415. Certificate of Conformity No. UA1.007.0091367-13. synthetic winterizer has a clear control of surface density; the synthetic winterizer is not subject to knocking down (lump formation); synthetic winterizer is not subject to peeling (fiber migration); the synthetic winterizer holds heat, and are a heater; has splendor, lightness and softness; synthetic winterizer is very elastic and resilient; synthetic winterizer has the ability to restore shape. In the production process of thermally bonded and thermally bonded siliconized synthetic winterizer, we use only high-quality 100% hollow highly curved and hollow highly curved siliconized fibers of our own production, which is a guarantee of stable quality and constant availability of goods in stock. Fiber is used by Korean manufacturers to heat seal. High quality of raw materials is an additional guarantee of the quality of our final products. The density of the syntepon produced is from 40 to 4000 g / m2. Depending on the wishes of the customer. The width of the fabric is 1500 - 2500 mm. The synthetic winterizer is delivered in a free state, or in vacuum packing. At the request of the customer, production with non-standard parameters (density and width) is possible. Turning to our specialists, you can get any additional information that interests you about the sale of syntepon and clarify the terms of delivery. We are always open for offers on mutually beneficial cooperation. To contact us by telephone. +380994718088 (viber, telegram)
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