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Wall Decor, Furniture fittings Russia, мкр. Железнодорожный, ул. Автозаводская, д. 52
Russia, мкр. Железнодорожный, ул. Автозаводская, д. 52

In the heart of the German furniture industry

Hettich's history is marked by outstanding engineering achievements and striking solutions. Having created in 1888 a simple machine that performed only one function, Karl Hettich mechanized his production of an anchor descent for a cuckoo clock. In 1928, August Hettich launched the production of piano hinges, thereby charting a new course for the production of furniture fittings.

Deciding on risk, in 1930 Paul, August and Franz Hettichi moved from southern Germany to East Westphalia-Lippe - the very heart of the German furniture industry. Here in Herford, the brothers found a new company. Over time, the company's products have changed, and today we are creating appliances for furniture.

The group of companies is wholly owned by the Hettich family, and in 2007, Dr. Andreas Hettich, representative of the fourth generation of the family, took over the management.

We invite you on a journey through the history of the Hettich family.

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