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Plastic products Russia, ул. Азина, 24

Holding World of Cleanliness is a dynamically developing company specializing in the manufacture, sale and rental (rental) of antisplash flooring for more than 15 years. Image composing is an important element of a successful business. Cleanliness in the room always leaves a positive impression on customers and partners, inspires confidence in the company. Antisplash coatings help to solve the problem of penetration of dirt into the room. Specialists distinguish 3 steps of mud protection: 1 - street zone, 2 - vestibule zone, 3 - indoors (hall, lobby, etc.). The design of all three zones with antisplash coatings minimizes the penetration of slush, moisture, dirt, sand, snow into the premises, which will help not only to save on cleaning services, but also to save floor coverings from premature wear. In addition to the functional purpose, antisplash coatings can serve as an interior item, be made in the corporate colors of the company or with a logo / brand name, which will significantly increase the loyalty of customers and partners.

Holding World of Cleanliness is engaged in the sale of coatings for all levels of dirt protection throughout Russia, including in Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Perm, Kazan.

The World of Purity company is a manufacturer of modular PVC coatings for the vestibule zone; since 2009, the Holding has become one of the shareholders and the exclusive dealer of the manufacturer of pile carpets for the third protection zone. This allows us to quickly respond to the economic situation and offer attractive prices.

In addition to the above, we offer rental services for dirt-repellent pile coatings in the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions. The service of removable carpets is that you do not need to purchase coverings in property, we provide it to you free of charge. On your part, only replacement of the cover with a clean one is paid in accordance with the selected schedule. For your convenience, in addition to daily replacements, we also offer a night work schedule.

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