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General information ANPROSOL AMINOBETA (ANPROSOL AMINOBETA is a feed additive for normalizing metabolism in all types of animals and poultry (regulator of liver function). It is a multicomponent mixture of water-soluble vitamins and amino acids, does not contain. As an active ingredient in 1 liter contains vitamin 110,000 mg, vitamin 24,000 mg, vitamin 64,000 mg, vitamin 1220 mg, vitamin 10 mg, pantothenic acid 22,000 mg, vitamin PP 45,000 mg, inositol ( vitamin 85 500 mg, chloride 200 000 mg and essential amino acids 8 530 mg in total. In appearance it is a transparent liquid from brown to brown, highly soluble in water. Biological properties < / strong> Vitamin 1- takes part in water, carbohydrate, protein and phosphorus metabolism.Participates in the transmission of nerve impulses and nervous excitement.Prevents oxidation of vitamins C and 6 participates in the synthesis of glycogen, fats, protein, nuc leic acids, stimulates the consumption of feed, creating conditions for the normal growth and development of farm animals and poultry. Vitamin 2- is part of 30 recovery processes, participates in the process of absorption and use of fats, the construction of hemoglobin molecules. Affects the correct metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamin D-pantothenic acid (B3) - is an active part of many enzymes, is closely related to the metabolism of many B vitamins. Choline chloride is a carrier of mobile methyl groups. It is a constituent element of phospholipids. Choline is essential for the normal maturation of cartilage tissue and prevention of pecking, participates in fat metabolism of the liver, preventing fatty degeneration. Vitamin PP (B5) - in the body is converted into pantothenic acid and acquires its function. Stimulates the secretory function of the digestive glands, plays an important role in lipid metabolism, the metabolism of certain amino acids, participates in the Krebs cycle. Vitamin B6 - participates in the synthesis and breakdown of amino acids, fat, protein and energy metabolism, collagen synthesis. Inositol - is an integral part of lipoproteins, changes the concentration of calcium in the cytoplasm of the cell, activating calcium channels. Vitamin B12 - regulates the process of hematopoiesis, has a methionine-saving effect, is necessary for the normal activity of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract. Vitamin H - is part of the series enzymes, is involved in carbohydrate metabolism, the metabolism of cholesterol and nucleic acids, the development of immunity against infectious diseases. Amino acids are non-hydrolyzable proteids containing functional acidogroups - COOH and functional groups of primary amines - NH2 in their structure, participate in the formation of neurotransmitters, have antidepressant activity, participating comfort in the formation and accumulation of glycogen in muscles and liver, are part of proteins and contribute to muscle building. They stimulate the work of the pituitary gland, increase the production of growth hormone, take part in hematopoiesis, and above all in the production of hemoglobin. How to use ANPROSOL AMINOBETA is used to normalize work liver, metabolism and an increase in natural resistance in farm animals and poultry during the period of intensive growth, as well as an antistress agent during vaccination, restoration of intestinal microflora. Applied orally with water for drinking daily for 5-10 days at the rate of: poultry: 100-200 ml per 100 liters of drinking water per day; large animals (cattle, pigs, horses): 20-30 ml per head per day; small animals (sheep, goats, pigs, calves and foals): 5 ml per head per day. If necessary, the course can be extended up to 15 days. The working solution is prepared immediately before use, taking into account the daily consumption of liquid and the required concentration. Do not use cor new supplement ANPROSOL AMINOBETA in the drinking system together with oral vaccines and organic acids. Advantages ANPROSOL AMINOBETA contains vitamins and amino acids for which there is no period expectations, that is, products from farm animals and poultry can be used for food purposes without restrictions. The synergism of the action of vitamins and amino acids normalizes the functions of various enzyme systems of the body, which has a positive effect on metabolism and increases the natural resistance of the body, improves the average daily weight gain and safety of livestock. Manufacturer CHEMIFARMA SpA, Italy, Forli, Via Don Eugenio Servadei street, 16-47100
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