airpods2 lux
airpods2 lux
airpods2 lux
airpods2 lux
airpods2 lux
airpods2 lux
airpods2 lux
Product description
aa We are pleased to offer you the best lux copy of AirPods2 headphones in Moscow, which is no different from the original🔥 All photos correspond to the headphones✅ - Animation when connected - Ear recognition sensor. - Sensor control settings. - GPS geolocation. - Wireless charging function! - Perfect audibility of the microphone - 4-5 hours of listening to music on a single charge! - They charge from the case 2-3 times! - Works with IOS and Android! - Automatic phone connection! - Touch control. - Clear sound, nice bass, just like the original. - Full set! (Box without unnecessary inscriptions and a wire for charging the case) We provide a guarantee for all goods - 1 month!
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airpods2 lux - 60939

19.93 USD/pcs 19.93 USD

Minimum order: 10 pcs

Supply ability: 100 pcs/per week

Mydevice - consumer electronics
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