Scorpion quick release buckles
Scorpion quick release buckles
Scorpion quick release buckles
Scorpion quick release buckles
Scorpion quick release buckles
Product description
High strength, functional, very reliable buckle. Differs in resistance to any negative influences of external factors and keeps reliability at big shock loadings. The design provides protection against accidental opening and an operational fastener system. · The Scorpion buckle was produced by the Russian company 555, which specializes in the production of tactical equipment. · The lock of system is protected from arbitrary opening under loading. · It is used in climbing and army equipment, (in civil versions). · The design of the lock guarantees a high degree of reliability, safety and durability. All special (except for underwater versions made of stainless steel (304) Scorpion buckles are made of aircraft-grade high-strength aluminum alloy V95T1 (7075). The civilian version is made of aluminum alloy D16, D18, AD21. Components are made of brass and stainless steel width -25-27mm 33-35mm 38-40mm 45-47mm 50-52mm 60-62mm Colour: coyote, black, olive, metal, custom Medium tensile strength: spec 920kg (civil version 300kg ) Tensile load in the "loop" configuration: special 1800kg (civilian version 600kg) Produced by a full cycle in Russia It is possible to apply the client's logo (any inscriptions with a milling cutter or laser) (under the order and contract) from 1000pcs
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Scorpion quick release buckles - 81320

15.24 USD/pcs 15.24 USD

Minimum order: 10 pcs

Supply ability: 10000 pcs/per month

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