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All for special occasions, gifts, Motorways and autodromes, Stamps, Badges, Keychains, Wooden Toys, Mechanical Toys, Dolls, Toys for 1 Year-Old's and Younger, Playhouses Russia, Атарбекова,1/1 (Фестивальный район)

We invite you to a large wholesale and retail store of toys and accessories "My favorite toys." We opened in Krasnodar in October 2016, as a branch of the St. Petersburg network (18 years on the market) for the sale of children's toys wholesale and retail. We have very low prices in the Krasnodar Territory, we have discounts up to 15% for the prices, taking into account your purchase amount. We have a very large and varied assortment - more than 10,000 certified toys, games and accessories for them. You can buy toys in bulk in one place, we work with almost all Russian manufacturers, import from China, Belarus and Poland. Next day delivery.
The choice of toys is large: Soft toys, many educational, board, entertaining games and toys, sports games and equipment, tents, bicycles and scooters, rattles, toys for babies, rugs with an arc, crumbs, musical carousels, wheelchairs and rocking chairs, a large selection of needlework and creativity, space sand, puzzles, sets for boys and girls, dolls and strollers, houses, a hut made of natural bricks, designers, transformers, weapons, cars, planes (conventional, inertial and r / y), construction and military machinery, summer and winter sets, for the sea, inflatable pools, mattresses and circles, everything for the holiday, sand sets, soap bubbles, characters, toy baskets, labyrinths, mosaics, experiments, wheelchairs and rockers, cubes, costumes, gluing models, musical instruments, tracks, parkings , stationery, Alphabet, books, balloons, figures, wooden toys, gift bags, tumblers, balls, stickers and more. etc. If you want to see our assortment, discuss working conditions or buy toys in bulk, please call: Yana Akopova, Please see the assortment on our website (choose Krasnodar from the top left and see the wholesale price). If you will register on our website, please add for Yana Akopova in the name and surname field. Come and buy toys in bulk .

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