ИП Попивненко Н.А.

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Soap and detergent Russia, ул. Южная 11 "Б"

IP Popivnenko N.A., Azov.

We are a new, dynamically developing enterprise for the production of detergents and cleaning products used both in everyday life and in production (PRO series).

Products brand «L ori» - multicomponent dishwashing detergent and other surfaces, comprising a complex of surfactants capable of destroying a variety of contaminants as organic (potozhirovye and protein) and technical (dust, dirt, oils).

L ori line of detergents - concentrated, multi-component detergents for hand washing dishes, various surfaces, including glass and hygienic handwashing. Contains a complex of surfactants that dissolve and remove contaminants well.

To prevent irritation of the skin, the composition of detergents includes distilled glycerin.

Laundry detergents under the brand name " L ori " are liquid concentrated products for the manual and automatic washing of cotton and mixed fabrics in all types of machines, including industrial ones, in the temperature range from 30 to 95ºС.

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