ИП «Ринкман Станислав Евгеньевич»

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Kitchen appliances Russia

Tulavar company is the official representative of the samovar plant. The main activity is wholesale and retail sale of products of the Tula Samovar Plant.

Discount policy
from 2 pieces 5% discount
from 5 pieces 15% discount
from 10 pieces 20% discount

With whom we work
Wholesale buyers (wholesale, small wholesale)
Retail Stores (Wholesale, Small Wholesale)
Online Stores (Wholesale, Small Wholesale)

Payment options
Cashless payments;
Electronic payments.

We deliver your goods in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. Shipment is carried out within 1-2 days from a warehouse in Tula to the transport company.

Everything that is available is available, the range is presented on the site.

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