Wooden pallet 1200*800
Wooden pallet 1200*800
Wooden pallet 1200*800
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Pallets, used pallets. WE SELL PALLETS, PALLETS, EURO new and used, as well as to order according to your size. Attention, we sell only in bulk from 150 pieces!!!🔥 💥We offer for sale wooden pallets in excellent condition new and used in all sizes, clean, bright, whole at attractive prices. 🔹 It is possible to provide large quantities of goods, pallets are always in stock. 🔹 All our pallets are inspected before sale and shipment for integrity.🔹 We have no interruptions in supply, we always have a large amount of goods in stock. 📄We have the ability to conclude a contract for regular deliveries, upon request we send a contract by mail or instant messengers.🔥 📌 When pallets are loaded, you can get all the necessary information in any convenient format: photo report, video report, real-time video broadcast. 📌You can also send your representative, or inspect the loading process on the spot yourself.🔥 📢If after shipment of the delivery you find inconsistencies in the quality and integrity of the goods, we provide a replacement with the next batch of the order.🔥 📌 Delivery and payment 🚚 We work throughout Russia 🚚 Possibility of pickup. 💲 Payment 💸 cash 💳 cashless payment ⏳We work DAILY🔥 ☎ Call us now and get the best deal on the market! 💚 Add ad to Favorites so you don't lose it! Product Features: Batch number: 1513002 Density (g/cm³): 2.36 Hardness (Mpa): 8274
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Wooden pallet 1200*800 - 90624

USD 3.05 - 7.62 USD

Minimum order: 150 pcs

Supply ability: 25000 pcs/per month

IP Sandakov Evgeny Dmitrievich
Not verified supplier
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