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ИП Таран Семен Игоревчи

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Women's pants, shorts, Women's turtlenecks, Women's cardigans and capes, Women's overalls, Women's sweaters and jumpers, Women's coats, Women's Sport Suits, Women's sweatshirts, Women's knit garments, Cocktail dresses, Leggings, Skirts, Men's clothing, men's work clothing, Men's sportswear, Men's pants, shorts, Men's Overalls, Men's suits, Men's Sweaters, Men's shirts, Men's Sweatshirts, Men's T-Shirts, Men's robes, Men's overcoats Russia

Own sewing workshop in Yekaterinburg, we will develop models, select materials and sew clothes for your store / establishment / event and so on. A full range of tailoring services, from you only coordination, we take care of the rest. The youth clothing brand from Yekaterinburg, created in 2013. A special style in which they reflected their views on the interesting trends of street fashion. The design of our clothes is based on minimalism, geometry and asymmetry, echoing the faces of the street wear and k-pop trends. Adding grains of sports, military and other styles, we create clothes in which everyone will find something original for themselves. We sew clothes from knitted fabrics of the quality of singing (the highest quality of knitwear) with a content of synthetic threads of not more than 15%. The basis of the fabric is cotton. Viscose and lycra in the composition are necessary so that things do not stretch during socks and washing, and the front side retains its smoothness for as long as possible without rolling. In our workshop, we monitor production at all stages. Our team of designers, seamstresses, designers, cutters and technical control department work in it. Our clothes have successfully passed laboratory tests and meet the standards of the Eurasian Economic Union. EAEU Confirmation Declaration Number No. RU D-RU.KO01.V.00466.

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