Thermal labels 120x75 300 pcs. on a roll
Thermal labels 120x75 300 pcs. on a roll
Thermal labels 120x75 300 pcs. on a roll
Thermal labels 120x75 300 pcs. on a roll
Product description
Self-adhesive labels 75*120 mm In one roll - 300 labels of excellent quality. Designed for printing on thermal printers. Printing with thermal labels is carried out by direct thermal printing. Color of labels - white, paper basis - turquoise color. The size of one label is 120*75. Label width - 75 mm. Label length - 120mm. Self-adhesive thermal labels ECO are widely used in many enterprises, the size of labels 75x120 mm is one of the most popular. Our labels have 40 mm cardboard sleeves. 120 x 75mm labels fit most Argox, Toshiba, Zebra, INTERMEC, Datamax, TSC, Godex, Xprinter and other thermal printers. to others. They are ideal for Ozon, Wildberries, Yandex Market, Aliexpress, Russian Post and Kazan Express marketplaces. Self-adhesive labels can be written with a pen and marker. Labels are made of thermosensitive paper in rolls on a self-adhesive basis. The process of transferring information to the label occurs by heating the printer head. The adhesive layer provides excellent adhesion to various surfaces such as metal, cardboard, plastic, wood or glass. This type of label is the most popular because of its ease of use (only a printer is required for printing). Thermal labels are made of paper without a protective coating with a density of 65 g/sq.m. Our labels feature high print quality, good image contrast and excellent legibility. Shelf life under optimal conditions up to 6 months. ECO thermal labels are not recommended for deep-frozen products, as well as exposure to moisture, high temperatures and direct sunlight, as in such conditions the print quality is quickly lost.
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Thermal labels 120x75 300 pcs. on a roll - 82470

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Minimum order: 80 pcs

Supply ability: 1 pcs/per day

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