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Meat & Dairy products, Bakery products, Flour & Grains, Sunflower oil Russia, ул. Доржи Банзарова 1

Irkutsk Oil and Fat Plant is the leader in the production of oil and fat products in Eastern Siberia, and is one of the five strongest Russian enterprises in its industry. The Irkutsk oil and fat plant is composed of grain elevators, oil extraction, hydrogenation, mayonnaise and margarine plants.

Every year, the range of products is replenished with new types. Today, Irkutsk Oil and Fat Plant OJSC produces a number of special margarines for baking, classic and original mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauces with various flavors and additives, vegetable oil, several types of ketchups, tomato paste, mustard and table horseradish. Particular attention is paid to the advanced processing of soybeans. In addition to soybean oil, fodder soybean meal, Soyanta-200 fat-free soy flour is used, which is used in the form of additives and a protein fortifier in the food industry, Soyanta Tex soya grits are widely used as raw materials in the food industry, for further processing. Soya flour was highly appreciated in Moscow at the 1st international exhibition “Soya and Soya Products in the 21st Century”. The products of IMZhK OJSC at international and Russian exhibitions and fairs were awarded 7 grand prix, awarded 26 diplomas, 3 gold 1 silver medals, and the medal “For the high palatability of Provencal mayonnaise in polystyrene glasses”. Laureate of the contest "100 best goods of Russia".

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