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Children's Clothing, Kids' knit garment, Home Textile, Women's clothing, Women's knit garments, Men's knit garments, Tricot Kazakhstan, Kulager 8

KEZAR Textile Company is one of the well-known Uzbek manufacturers and suppliers of knitwear. A distinctive feature of our company is the high quality of products. We use knitwear for sewing a wide variety of types of clothing, from children's and adult homewear to corporate. The goal of our company is to create a competitive product in the domestic and foreign markets that will be able to meet the requirements and expectations of customers. The company invests all experience and innovative technologies in the manufacture of knitwear. We achieve flawless production with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, creativity and professionalism of the staff. “Economically, efficiently, as for yourself” - this is the judgment that determines the activities of our company.

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