Spare parts for dosing pumps ND
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Trading House "Kharkiv Pump Plant" offers a full range of high-quality consumables and spare parts for dosing plunger pumps ND, diaphragm dosing pumps NDR-2M, three-plunger pumps PT and T. We offer spare parts: worms, housings, sliders, fingers, rings, spacers, bushings as well as all types of seals and gaskets for the hydraulic part of pumps. There is also a wide selection of pump hydraulic cylinders and major repair components. All SPTA parts are made of high quality materials at the Kharkiv Pump Plant. Whatever pump you use - diaphragm dosing NDR-2M, dosing plunger ND, three-plunger PT and T, you will find all the necessary spare parts to keep them in working condition. Knowledge, experience and reliable equipment guarantee high productivity and reduce downtime.
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Spare parts for dosing pumps ND - 85463

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Kharkov pumping plant
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Харьков, Ukraine
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