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Confectionery Russia, ул.Мусоргского, 15, строение 41

The Pekarevo Confectionery Association has been active since 2012. The main goal of the company is to supply delicious, fresh, high-quality and affordable confectionery for all segments of the population.

The range of products is diverse. There are more than 60 items of sugar cookies: these are cookies with various sprinkles, fillings, in icing and without; classic crackers and with additives (raisins, poppy seeds, nuts); production of dietary cookies, biscuits and crackers, as well as puff pastry with confiture has been established.

Cookies are produced on modern European and Russian equipment according to GOST 24901-89, without the addition of preservatives and do not contain components obtained using genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The company organized production control over the quality of products for compliance with sanitary standards. The international quality and food safety management systems ISO and HACCP have been introduced.

Confectionery Association "Pekaryovo" is a regular participant in exhibitions, fairs and competitions. The company was awarded a first-degree diploma for the high consumer properties of cookies with a gold medal “for quality” (PRODEXPO exhibition 2014 and 2015); Diploma of the All-Russian contest of the program "100 best goods of Russia" in 2013 and 2014; gold medal of the qualifying stage of the Interregional contest "The best goods and services of Siberia-GEMMA-2014" in the Krasnoyarsk Territory; a medal of ZAO VK Krasnoyarskaya Yarmarka for the high palatability of sugar cookies; Laureate diploma of the international competition “Best Product-2014” and “Best Product-2016”, with a gold medal and a silver medal for “Best Product-2015”; Diploma of the Head of the city "For active participation in the preparation and conduct of the city competition of social advertising."

The company has official representatives in the cities: Norilsk, Kansk, Irkutsk, Abakan and Omsk. Deliveries of products are carried out in large trading networks of the city: “Komandor”, “Alley”, “ROSA”, “BigSi”, “Krasnoyarsk bread”, as well as in municipal educational institutions of the city of Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk Territory.

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