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Колбасный завод «Столичный»

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Meat, Sausage Russia, проспект Мира, д.119
Russia, проспект Мира, д.119

Sausage factory "Stolichny" is located in Moscow. The company specializes in the production of sausages and meat products of the premium segment. The following delicacies are produced here: ham, smoked sausages, boiled pork, sausages and sausages and other types of products.

The plant is equipped with automated production lines, which produce products according to traditional Russian recipes. Quality is carefully monitored at all stages of production. Sausages are made using natural ingredients (salt, eggs, peppers, chilled meat, etc.) and comply with GOST.

The company is open for cooperation with retail chains and other wholesale buyers, and guarantees individual conditions and a flexible pricing approach. The manager on the page will help you make an order.

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