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Ceiling decoration, Wall Decor Russia

The production of each garden decor from plaster begins with the manufacture of a special mold for casting. As a rule, they are removed from a sample of a finished figure. The forms may be latex, plasticine or gypsum specially treated.

Since gypsum piggy banks are made of harmless and environmentally friendly material, durable and refractory, it is not surprising that they are so fond of giving them to children. Gypsum does not smell, does not emit harmful substances and allows you to produce original products with expressive details, which is why the production of gypsum piggy banks in Penza is in full swing, delighting toddlers, older children and, of course, adults with new ideas.

The modern production of gypsum piggy banks is a labor-intensive process that includes several stages. First, according to the created drawing, a model of the future piggy bank is made from plasticine, clay or gypsum itself, and then it is molded into gypsum in special forms, for example, metal or wooden. The production of piggy banks in Penza ends with the replication of the required number of products according to the obtained plaster form.

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