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Ceiling decoration, Facade decoration, Wall Decor Russia, Центр Технического Света ул. Нижняя Сыромятническая 10, стр.3, этаж 1-2,офис 55-57
Russia, Центр Технического Света ул. Нижняя Сыромятническая 10, стр.3, этаж 1-2,офис 55-57

We want to introduce you to 100% environmentally friendly finishing materials, which for 36 years have been produced by Kurasanit Factory. The entire production cycle takes place at the Factory in Greece.

The use of materials has no boundaries, walls, ceilings, floors, facades. In addition, the material can freely lie on existing coatings, including tiles, if there is no desire to arrange dirt and dust in the room. Kurasanite is easily applied to glass, ceramics, plastic, wood and is ideally combined with these materials. Kurasanit is not just a material for decorating walls and ceilings, Kurasanit is a tool with which you can always create something new, cabinets, kitchen modules, bathrooms and much more. One code can combine space and make it one whole.
Kurasanit products are safe for humans and the environment, as the color is given to the materials by its natural, inorganic components, such as limestone, stone, sand, rocks and minerals, which, unlike other materials, do not contain pigments and chemicals, and the main binder component in them is Pozolane (Pozzolane) - a volcanic rock with the property of cement. The material does not fade, waterproof, high-strength - 12MPa comparable to concrete, anti-allergenic.
The materials of Kurasanit reflect the natural beauty of the components used, their flexibility, texture, color, lightness and shades, all of which are used to create modern eco-coatings that allow us to get closer to Nature, but at the same time remain aesthetic and modern coatings. Kurasanit is also the only material that is used to restore the monuments on the island of Corfu, which are under the protection of UNESCO.
Kurasanite is a material that can not be compared with other materials, it is simple and at the same time incredible, like all of our Nature

There are no competitors, analogues in Russia.

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