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Литейный завод «Петрозаводскмаш«, ООО, г.Петрозаводск

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Industrial Equipment Parts Russia, ул. зайцева, 65
Russia, ул. зайцева, 65

The Petrozavodskmash Foundry LLC was founded in 1968 and is one of the leading manufacturers of iron castings in Russia. The main specialization of production: gray castings (MF 10-MF 35), high-strength (HF 40 - HF 80) and special cast iron weighing up to 160 tons. The design capacity of the plant is 60,000 tons of castings per year. The company is certified according to ISO-9001: 2008.

Iron Foundry

The smelter is equipped with induction melting furnaces:

1. Block of LFD-25 furnaces of ASEA firm (Sweden) 4 crucibles on 25 t, 3 power sources
2. Block of furnaces of medium frequency INDUCTOTHERM (England) 2 crucibles on
30 t, 1 source Dual-Track system
3 Two blocks of furnaces LFD-8 manufactured by ASEA (Sweden) Block 3 crucibles
8t, 2 power supplies

Types and masses of castings:

Cast iron castings:
· Conveyor castings weighing up to 150 kg with dimensions up to 1000x700x450 mm. Possible production volume - 17000 t / year;
· Shaped small-batch and single castings weighing up to 20,000 kg with dimensions up to 3500x2000x1500 mm. Possible production volume - 10,000 tons / year, including:
- castings of cases, beds, etc. for paper machines;
- castings for gas and steam turbines;
- castings for the electrical industry;
- die tooling castings for the automotive industry;
- castings of bandages, armor for grinding equipment of the mining industry;
- other large castings for various equipment.

Caisson castings weighing up to 120 tons with dimensions up to 5000 mm. Possible production volume –10000 t / year, including:
- cylinders and shafts for paper machines up to 11,150 mm in length and 1,200 to 2,200 mm in diameter. Possible production volume up to 30 castings per month;
- creping cylinders with a diameter of 3000 - 4250 mm.
Possible production volume up to 8 castings per year;
- molds for metallurgical enterprises, dia-
meter up to 3000 - 4350 and a height of 1600 - 3700 mm).
· Chill castings for gas and oil, construction industry. Possible production volume is 10,000 tons / year.

Model production
In the model department, models are made of wood, model plastic and polystyrene foam.
The model department is equipped with an Italian 5-axis CNC milling machining center, which allows high-precision machining of complex models of wood and plastic with dimensions up to 2.5 x 4.5 m. The center is supported by a computer support team using 3-D solid-state and surface CAD systems and 5-axis processing programs.

Machining of castings

The company has a fleet of machine tools for machining castings:

Skoda W-250 - horizontal boring machine,

2G660DF4 - Horizontal boring machine with CNC

1A675 - Screw-cutting lathe

1580L - Turning and rotary machine

1563 - Turning and rotary machine

Longitudinally milling 66k25f4

Carousel 1540

Carousel 1525

Boring machine KZh-1906

Boring machine KZh-1907

Screw-cutting lathes 16K20,

1M63, 16K40, 1M65, RT-100

Milling machines of models 6A59, 6P13, 6R83Sh

We are hereby ready to offer the manufacture of cast iron castings according to customer drawings.

Delivery of products is carried out on a pick-up basis. It is also possible to send products to the customer by any transport company of his choice.

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