White set for girls 701
Product description
Cloth: eraser. Composition: 100% cotton. A cute knitted set of t-shirts and panties is useful to all girls for everyday wear. The set is made of a pleasant eraser - a hypoallergenic cotton fabric that is lightweight, breathable and delicate to the touch. The armholes of the T-shirt sleeves are edged with a delicate braid, smoothly turning into straps. The neckline is made in the form of a “half-boat”, and the bottom of the product is cut and processed with careful seams into the hem. Panties of a classic cut hold well on the body - an elastic band is inserted in the belt, and the armhole of the legs are treated with a soft edging. The set is available in snow-white colors - under any outfit the headsets will be invisible.
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White set for girls 701 - 36593

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Little Panda
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Алматы, Kazakhstan
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