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Meat & Dairy products, Sausage, Snack food Russia, ул. Телевизорная д. 4 помещение 7

Mercury Trading and Manufacturing Company is one of the leading manufacturers of sausages, delicacies and meat products, aimed at the audience of beer lovers in Siberia. The production capacity of our company is about 100 tons of high quality meat snacks per month.

Our main customers are wholesale buyers of meat snacks for beer, as well as network and retail outlets of draft beer located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Tomsk and other regions, we also have supplies to Primorsky Krai and Central Russia.


1) guarantee of quality and freshness of products from the manufacturer:
Deliveries of products go directly from the manufacturer's factory, thus, products are delivered to the Buyer's warehouse with a period not exceeding a week from the date of manufacture.

2) the ability to produce products under the "OWN TRADE BRAND" of the buyer of any packaging (0.50 g, 0.100 g, 0.150, 0.500, 1.00 kg, etc.):
A label with the Logo, Brand, Brand and customer contacts is glued onto the packaged products, only referring to us as the manufacturer (see photo in the attachment).

3) Well-established work with regions, cities of the Russian Federation and not only. Providing product samples. Free delivery to the Transport company, regardless of the volume of the Buyer's order;

4) 100% return of expired products, razvakuum and others:
Returning products with a vacuum, loss of the appearance of the products is accepted for return no later than 1 month after the date of manufacture;
Return products with expired expiration dates are accepted for return no later than 1 month after the expiration date (conditions are discussed individually).

5) cash and non-cash payment method; We are considering various payment options.

6) flexible prices and an individual approach to each client.

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