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Rosrezerv, as an executive body, was formed relatively recently, and acts in accordance with the law “On the State Material Reserve”, adopted in 1994. The creation of Russia's state reserves is rooted deep in history. Back in the 15th century, during the time of Ivan III, in Russia, life orders for the storage of state grain were built, the first principles for laying the products were developed. In the XVII century, at a time of turbulence for the country, there were special cash and grain orders to collect reserves in case of civil wars. A great contribution to the development of the country's modern stockpile was made by Peter I, who at the beginning of the 18th century introduced the “Providence Order” and created a state body to manage the country's food stocks. The subsequent rulers continued their dynamics: Pavel I and Nicholas I, in addition to provisions, began to lay material assets and weapons.

What is Rosrezerv?

Products from the Rosrezerv storage in modern Russia are the all-Russian stock of material assets that makes up the treasury property. Reserves are divided into two parts: state and mobilization reserve.

The state reserve is goods for the stable operation of the country's economy, materials and raw materials for emergency response, support during the economic and environmental crisis, industrial and technological disasters, large-scale military operations; providing humanitarian assistance to the affected population, regulating market impacts.

Mobilization reserve - materials and goods to ensure the defense support of the country, which, unlike state reserve goods, are stored directly at manufacturers. In emergency situations, the reserves of the mobilization reserve will allow in the shortest possible time to restore the plant.

TPK MetroMet Group of Companies is an operator selling products from the storage of the State Reserve of the Russian Federation.

The product range is diverse and constantly updated:

  • foodstuffs
  • industrial goods
  • material and technical resources
  • non-ferrous and ferrous metal
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