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Moon Light provides eco-tourism, logical tourism - a relatively new phenomenon in world tourism. The beginning of the formation of the concept of ecotourism should be considered the 80s, when studies appeared on the press related to the work of West German and Swiss scientists. The main reason for resorting to environmental tourism is rooted in the unregulated relationship in the tourism-ecology system. The emergence of the concept of "ecotourism" contributed to several trends. Firstly, tourism has become one of the largest global economic activities. The number of visitors to protected areas around the world has grown so much that the potential damage that they could cause to natural complexes has become a matter of serious concern. At the same time, it became obvious that with a rational organization, tourism can provide real financial support for nature conservation and increase the importance of those natural sites that should be preserved in their original form. Environmental experts began to devote a lot of research to how to make tourism “work” to protect nature, so that protected areas could “pay for themselves”. Secondly, it became obvious that the success of environmental actions is unthinkable on the basis of only “prohibitive” measures, especially if they are directed against the interests of the local population. It is necessary that local residents become partners in this activity, and that a careful attitude to nature is economically beneficial for them. In this tourism can play a positive role. Thirdly, there was a change of priorities in the aspirations of tourists. More and more people, especially in developed industrial countries, began to strive from cities to corners of relatively undisturbed nature. In contrast to the traditional "beach-resort" vacation, the demand for tours of an active-educational orientation has increased. An analysis of the modern realities of the tourism business on the world market allows us to identify the following most important guidelines for the development of tourism and recreation: 1) a person perceives vacation as a more intensive form of spending free time, which is strikingly different from the monotonous duties of a worker on a conveyor belt or an employee in the office, hence the desire for relaxation in another “subspace”, in the role of which for one may be a foreign country, for another - a different natural zone, for the third - mountains, for the fourth - the sea and so on; 2) the tendency of "proximity to nature" - the direct accessibility of a river, lake, forest, meadow is of great importance. “Life in the landscape” - this is the slogan of the modern recreation and tourist; consequently, the state of the environment in recreation areas is of particular importance; 3) vacation individualization - the desire for individual travel in accordance with their own ideas (often even with elements of risk and adventurism). Flexible recreation programs with a variety of recreational activities are preferred: the herd movement “in the crowd for an excursion” is unacceptable, at the same time the role of personal contact with the cultural rarities of the country visited is growing, informal communication is of great importance. The desire to find a “second home” on vacation, and the cosiness of the ethnically rooted dwelling of the visited country (hut, hut, bungalow) is gradually beginning to supplant the officialdom of breathtakingly expensive hotels.

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