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Customs bases of importers, exporters of India

Want to find customers in India for your products? You have a unique opportunity to find a buyer who bought the product that you manufactured in India! Would you like to make your own proposal, having learned about the prices, volumes and frequency of their purchase in these countries? The only thing that distinguishes you from a deal with Indian buyers is that you do not have company names. We can help you with any product that you want to export or import - you will have real customers by contacting us. You can start by sending us your GTIP codes for the products you are interested in. According to this code, we will provide you with the latest import / export data for the past year. This table will show all import / export data from all customs points (sea and air) in India. This table can contain from 500 to 30,000 records, depending on the demand for the product. The data is paid, $ 1,000 for one GTIP code, $ 750 if you have several GTIP codes. You will get a full bird's eye view of the total volume of imports and the rates or value of imports, namely the total volume of imports / exports. You can directly sell products by contacting these importers / exporters. Email: Web: Nargiza Niyazammedova +917506986788
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