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«Натуральные продукты»

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Sausage, Beverages, Honey Russia, профсоюзная
Russia, профсоюзная

The company "Natural Products" was founded in 2006.

The head office of the enterprise is located in Sterlitamak, the Republic of Bashkortostan. The production is located at: Bolshoy Kuganak, Sterlitamak district, Republic of Bashkortostan. We produce high quality, organic food.

The range of products is quite wide.

- Kvassyan live fermentation kvass (classic, on currant, mint, cherry, horseradish root with honey, on birch sap). Kvass is made exclusively from natural raw materials - dry kvass briquettes made from sugar beets and rye;

- lemonade on sugar syrup ("Lemonade", "Duchess", "Sayan", "Barberry", "Cola", "Green Apple"). At your request, it is possible to expand the range;

- preservation under the brand name "Home Chores". We make preservation only in the ripening season, using natural berries, fruits and vegetables;

- smoked and boiled kazylyk,

- dried, smoked and baked goose;

- Bashkir lime, flower, buckwheat honey collected from their apiaries;

- a set of "Kvasyan" for making kvass at home.

Official representatives of the Kvasyanya trademark in Ukraine (Zhytomyr), Kazakhstan (Almaty), Uzbekistan (Tashkent). We cooperate with all subjects of the Russian Federation. We deliver equipment, raw materials and products to foreign countries (USA, Thailand, CIS countries)

We grow geese and ducks at our subsidiary agricultural firm Selyanochka; we also have our own greenhouses and nurseries, in which we grow the necessary raw materials for production.

Currently, Natural Products LLC is developing a contractual production of food products for retail chains and regional distributors, i.e. production of products under the brands of customers. You place an order - we carry out all the work associated with the release of the product (manufacturing, design development, packaging, packaging). Our customers do not think about the issues of purchasing raw materials and packaging, we do all this ourselves, if necessary, we deliver finished products to the Customer’s warehouse.

Participation in exhibitions:

2009 - Moscow - PRODEXPO
2010 - Moscow - PRODEXPO

2010 - Krasnogorsk - Brewer

2010 –Almaty, World Food Kazakhstan

Company development timeline
2007 - the patent “a method for manufacturing kvass concentrate and kvass from it” was obtained;
2008 - The patent “Fermentation apparatus for fermentation of wort” was obtained;
2008 - registered trademark “Kvasyanya”;
2009 - the trademark Home Chores was registered.

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